Ford has come up this time with the all new retro inspired appearance of its new range of cars named as Ford Mustang. The exterior design of the Ford Mustang GT is quite innovative and appealing with the blend of sporty and vintage styled front as it encounters the taste of both new and old generations. This version of Ford Mustang GT, among the line of various other car ranges of Ford seems to be the most aggressive one.


The biggest draw that Ford Mustang GT came with is its DOHC 5.0 litter V8 engine type which delivers up 420hp and 390 lb-ft @rpm. Providing with a rear wheel drive type, the Ford Mustang GT is sufficient enough to speed up from 0 to 60mph in just five seconds as it has manual or automatic 6 speed choice in the car.

On the exterior front, the other noticeable aspect is the ternary sequential LED taillights and the standard HID headlights. With opting for automatic, the fuel economy can be reached to 18 mpg in the city which is 15 mpg when it is manual while for highway the former is one is 26mpg and the later one is 25mpg.

The Mustang GT is completely capable to run on the curvy roads easily and smoothly when equipped with available Track pads which add the Brembo brakes to it making its suspension tuning more combative. The interior of the car is accentuated by the showy twin-hat design of dashboard, classic galvanized model and expanded steering wheel with 3 strokes.

Comprehensive Specifications

TYRES: 19’’ premium painted aluminium wheels and 255/40R/19 summer-only tires Front tires: 62.3 coupe and 62 convertible Rear tires: 62.9 coupe and 62.9 convertible Wheelbase: both 107.1 coupe and convertible BRAKES Front: Disc Rear: Disc Bore and stroke: 92.2 x 92.7 Transmission type: 6 speed manual and 6 speed automatic (optional)

The Mustang GT of Ford is equipped with trim levels, which are rooted and selective. It tots up with a superior Shaker audio systemhaving 8 speakers along with SiriusXM radio, leather cushioned seats, Bluetooth association with smart phones through Ford’s Sync set up. It has a power adjustable driver’s seat.

The Ford Mustang GT has an LCD screen of 4.2 inches, which is braced in the assemblage of instruments. The up-gradation of interior trim and 19-inch machined aluminium spins with coloured pouches are also visible in the Ford Mustang GT. The other eye-catchy features of Ford Mustang GT are its glass-based ceiling, plotting a course system along with a rear view camera. It has an exclusive stability control calibration and a TORSEN helical differential with a 3.73 ratio.

The Ford Mustang GT arrives with the basic A/C, full power accessories and an FM/AM/CD stereo with an AUX input into it. The outer front of the Ford Mustang GT includes HID headlights and LED taillights in addition with cruise control, automatic headlights, fog-lights and a rear spoiler.

The standard dual front and side airbags are fitted in all of the Ford Mustang GT as per to give the required safety to the driver as well as the passengers inside it. Along with these, the Ford Mustang GT is also furnished with contraction and balancing curb systems. Another crucial feature that the Mustang GT bears is the auditing system in terms of pressure control of the tires, enabling the driver to experience a better form of drive.

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