Hero Maestro

Are you planning to buy a new bike? You might be confused regarding the type of bike you must buy and which will suit you the best? It is not only the trend but also the need to buy the scooters now which will b light in weight and that too with trendy look. There was a time when scooters were considered only a vehicle for the elder people, but now the time has totally changed. The ride has been totally changed according to the comfort and class of the youth. So now scooters have become more popular and a trademark of the speed, not the rash driving. Maestro will give you all that you need in a scooter. Just have a look at the features.

Hero Maestro and specifications

Hero Maestro price in India has gone through many ups and downs with time. The ex showroom price of maestro in Delhi is 52,493 rupees. The price in Mumbai is slightly different than at Delhi rupees 54,725 rupees.

Hero Maestro mileage

Maestro has given a tough competition to Honda active in terms of power and performance. It is having the same air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHC petrol engine as it was in the Honda activa. It will give you a displacement of 109 cc. and will give a maximum power of 8.09 bhp at 7500 rpm. The mileage provided by maesto is very fuel economic and up to 60 km per liter.. Hero motocorp maestro has been featured with automatic centrifugal clutch and that too along with a CDI ignition system. So with the help of this new Japanese technology maestro will provide you a constant power supply all throughout the journey and smooth and comfortable acceleration.

Hero Maestro external looks

The maestro has been made in such a way that it gives a very masculine and dynamic look. It is a common misconception that scooters are meant to be ride by the girls but just a look of maestro will tell you that it is meant for boys. Its look will give you a manly touch. It has been specially designed for a comfortable, gear less and a spacious ride. The scooter has been made spacious so that you can keep a lot of things in it. Maestro has been given a leaf type shape with its headlights and a specific color has been given to the top and the bottom is black. The scooter has been featured with the trapezoidal multi reflector head lamp with a 12 v 35 w halogen bulb.

Hero Maestro Features

The extra features of maestro according to the user’s review are digital instrument cluster, odometer, service due indicator, fuel gauge, Tube with Puncture Endurance, Good mileage, handling of suspension, a fabulous braking mechanism, a key-less ignition lock, Drum brakes of Internal Expanding Shoe type and sleek apron.

Hero Maestro
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