Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn

Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn is one of the finest and newest models manufactured by Hero Moto Corporation. This bike is very much used for transporting small things and the rider himself comfortably from one place to the other. That’s why the slogan has been given “Public Ka Apna Transport”. Let’s discuss about Hero Motocorp HF Specifications, Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn Price in India, Hero Motocorp HF Features and Hero Motocorp HF Reviews. Here is a short description about this new model Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn.

Hero Motocorp HF Specifications

It has air cooled, 4 stroke 1 cylinder and OHC engine in the body. The displacement is of 97.2cc. Front tyre size is 2.75-18 4PR/42P and the rear is 2.75-87 6PR/48P. The bike also has 12V and 2.5Ah battery and headlight of 12V 35/35W and break light of 12 V 5/21W.

Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn Price

Price of Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn differs according to the cities of India. But the difference is not so huge. Generally it stays between 38 thousand and 40 thousand. The price difference is shown properly in the metro cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Hero Motocorp HF Features

There are some special features in the new Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn. These features are: 1) It gives higher mileage that saves fuel a lot. 2) It is air cooled and four stroke bike. 3) The handle is so smooth and easy to drive on the road. 4) Adjustable shock suspension. 5) 100cc powerful engine. Apart from these features, Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn is available in 4 different colors.

Hero Motocorp HF Review

Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn has lots of reviews in the list and all indicates well about the bike. In the ratings this bike has got very good ratings from the public. Therefore this bike is very much easy to handle, comfortable, good looking and ready to run at any kind of roads.

After this short discussion about the bikes features and prices and reviews, it is crystal clear that Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn is very much perfect for the roads of India. So don’t think too much. If you want a bike in reasonable price, greater comfort and fuel saving features, then order for a Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn. You can also order online with the help of websites of the companies.

Hero Motocorp HF-Dawn
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