Honda CBR 1000RR

In this modern fashion covered world, it’s nothing less than compulsion to be smart and attractive. Doing so requires you to have amazing fashion accessories with you. Bike, which was just a vehicle once, has got many more meanings now. Growing craze for the bikes is quite clear from the growing sales and companies’ production of the same. The past sales trend show that people don’t want to buy just ‘bike’, instead they want to buy a bike which can make them point of attraction on the road. There are many people who are ready to lighten their pocket to however extent just to grab the best. If you are from such people, then Honda CBR 1000RR is the bike that deserves your attention. This bike is super cool bike to make you feel super cool on the road. This article will talk about the specification, mileage and Honda CBR 1000RR price in India.

Honda CBR 1000RR Specifications

Talking about the specifications, the first and foremost that this bike has got its tremendous look. As I already told, this is the bike meant for style freaks. Having a ride on it will surely help you more stars in your amazing personality. The design beats designs of many other bikes in its range, and in even in the above price range. If the Hondra CBR 1000RR price in India is quite high, then the major wreath for this goes to design too. In fact, it is bike meant for higher class people. Yeah, style speaks there.

The bike comes with Inline four-cylinder, DOHC; four valves per cylinder which makes it super powerful on the road. The engine is 999c. This great power makes this bike a perfect combination of style and power, the match made in heaven. Many demand this heaven’s match, and bingo, Honda is delivering them all through this bike.

If you are living in Delhi, then you can be proud owner of this bike by paying Rs. 15.64 lakhs. The price may vary depending on your city. The best would be to take time to know the price in your city.

Of course, if you have got that much to invest, then you must do a complete study. There are a few more good options available in this price range. Do check them out before making final decision.

Before writing about Honda CBR 1000RR price in India, it’s better to make you aware from its mileage. Of course, for a person opting for such type of high-class bike, the fuel economy does not matter much, but still, it’s an important part of any bike’s specs. Most of the bikes coming in high price, don’t offer good mileage. Pretty much same is the case with Honda CBR 1000R. This bike offers only 22.4 kmpl mileage in city and 26.5 kmpl on highways.

Honda CBR 1000RR
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