Honda CBR 300 R

When we are talking about bikes you can never finish the discussion without mentioning the name of Honda. On the roads you can see the maximum number of scooters and bikes are from Honda. Honda comes with all the exclusive features but it doesn’t keep the price on a high therefore the Honda bikes are quite affordable. The Honda CBR 300 R Price in India will make the people wanting for more from Honda. The looks and first impression of Honda bikes are mostly impressive but when it comes to Indian market the emphasis is always on the performance and mileage. So, now when people have got an idea about how the look of the bike will be they are now wondering what the Honda CBR 300 R Price in India will be!

Honda CBR 300 R Specifications

The Honda model might turn out to be the hot pick of 2014 depending on what the Honda CBR 300 R Price in India will be! It comes with 4 stroke liquid cooled single cylinder 286 cc engine which generates power of 30.8 bhp at the rate of 8500 rpm and maximum torque at the rate of 7250 rpm. It comes with diamond frame with stuss structure and the ground clearance is 145 mm so it will easily fly through the Indian roads. The dimension of the front tyre is 110/70 – 17 and the rear tyre is 140/70 – 17 and both are considered to be tubeless. The cylinder design is based on DOHC design which keeps a tap on the fuel consumption and comes with 63 mm stroke length and 76 mm bore. Honda CBR 300 R comes with 6 speed manual gearbox which helps in maintaining the speed.

Honda CBR 300 R Mileage

Honda CBR 300R comes with a fuel tank capacity of 13 liters and the consumption of fuel is 30.2 kmpl.

Honda CBR 300 R Review

The Honda CBR 300 R will be replacing CBR 250 R in the market but when it will be available in India is not known yet. We just know that it will be out during the first half of 2014. The compression of the bike is remaining the same. If all the specifications are taken into account then it is seen that the new model will be better than the 250 R in looks and engine power apart from that everything else is almost the same.

Honda CBR 300 R Features

The headlights are twin headlights instead of the regular Y shape that we generally associate with Honda CBR 300 R. The front styling is different and this time the model is much more powerful than before. The cherry red enhances the look of the bike and makes it quite attractive. The color is surely going to attract few glances on the street. In order to capture the market Honda CBR 300 R Price in India must be competitive enough to compete against another giant Ninja 300. The specifications that Honda is providing must be backed by reasonable pricing to satisfy the commuters as they expect the combination of both from Honda.

Honda CBR 300 R
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