Honda CBR150R

In the bike industry, Honda has always been a name with immense shine. This brand has earned a great respect of millions of people, with value-for-money bikes. If you are looking to buy a new bike, then I would recommend you to check out the bikes offered by Honda. It has got bikes in almost every price range, so you won’t be disappointed after spending time on some research. Oh! So you are done with the initial research part and has selected the Honda CBR150R as your future possible bike? Well, before you make it your full and final decision, it’s better to enter into the second mode of research, which is nothing but checking out the complete specifications and features of this bike. And guess what, you don’t need to scroll the pages of web for that, as this article itself covers every detail about bike. Yeah, including detail about Honda CBR150R price in India.

Honda CBR150R Specifications

Starting from the design, I would say, it’s eye-catching. From the outer part, material to the headlights, everything is stylish. Everything combine and make this bike look cool. Specially, the back part has been engineered awesomely. Of course, the company knows that only the bikes with good design can catch the attention of youth, which is the major audience that seeks new bikes.

The bike is powered with 149cc engine that makes it powerful on the road. The engine is blessed with 2 cylinders and thus offers good torque offer. The alloy wheels and other parts are designed in the way so that you get a comfortable ride. If you are person who uses bike for long rides quite often, then I would advice you to opt for this bike, as the seat of it is comfortable enough to make long rides fun.

Honda CBR150R Mileage

The bike has got big fuel tank to allow you to have fuel to cover long rides without any worry. Talking about the mileage, it’s 40 kmpl. The mileage is quite good when compared with the bikes of its price range. Not to forget that people looking for this type of stylish bikes, don’t care for the mileage. They care about the style only. This bike offers that quite good. So dealing with low mileage (not too low), is nothing bad.

If you have got impressed from the features of this bike, then you must be willing to know Honda CBR150R price in India, are you? Well, Honda CBR150R price in India is 1.22lakh. This is price in Delhi show-rooms. The price may differ a bit depending on the city you buy the bike in. There are many other options available in this price range. Whether or not they are good is what you need to decide. So do that and make investment.

Honda CBR150R
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