Honda CBR250R

In the past few years, the bike has turned out to be the vehicle of common man. It has become best mode of conveyance. The companies are well aware from the growing demand of bikes, and to meet the demands, they are working hard day in and day out. Talking about the bike makers, Honda is the name that comes among the best. This company has impressed everyone so far, and is expected to do the same in the years to come. Out of all incredible bikes that Honda has got for you, Honda CBR250R is one. This bike has got many good features that make it shine in the crowd of hundred bikes. If you are bike freak, and have been looking to buy a new bike for quite some time now, then I am quite sure that you are well aware with this bike and its features. If this is not the case with you, then I would suggest you to devote some time in reading this article. Honda CBR250R price in India is also included in it. But before that, let’s take a look at the specifications and mileage part.

Honda CBR250R Specifications

249.4 cc, 4 storke, DOHC, 4valve water cooled engine of this bike one of the best features that it has got. The maximum power it gives is 26.4 bhp (18.7KW). So the power, which is one of the best deciding features of any bike’s quality, is quite good here. Honda has always been good with its engines. Being an old player in this field, the company is well aware from the fact that it is the power, performance that comes first. So the company always pay its attention to the performance part, and most of the times, company does justice with it. Honda CBR250R is one good example of that.

Design of this bike is quite attractive. Nowadays, design plays a vital role in deciding any bike’s performance in the sales market. If design is your concern, is like a big factor for you to consider, then this bike won’t disappoint you for you.

Honda CBR250R Mileage

Mileage is yet another important factors of any bike. So before writing about the Honda CBR250R price in India, better to make you aware from the mileage of the bike. In city, the mileage is around 33 kmpl, while on highways, it’s bit high. If we compare the mileage with the bikes of its price range, then we find it quite good.

Honda CBR250R Price

Honda CBR250R price in India is 1.57 lakh Rs. You can get this bike at this price from any of your near-by Honda showroom in Delhi. The price may be different in any other city. Best would be if you pay a visit to showroom yourself.

Honda CBR250R
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