Honda Dream Neo

Honda Dream Neo is Bajaj’s one of the finest motorbikes in the Indian market. This new model of Honda has got the market largely. There are so many features and specifications of this but its price is very much under the budget. There are four things to discuss: Honda Dream Neo Specifications, Honda Dream Neo Price in India, Honda Dream Neo Features and Honda Dream Neo Reviews. Here is a short detail of this newest model Honda Dream Neo.

Honda Dream Neo Price

Honda Dream Neo Price is India: Price of Honda Dream Neo differs according to three parts: kick drum spoke, kick drum alloy and self drum alloy. The prices are set according to the special features of these three types. But this price difference is not so high. The price also differs from state to state first and then city to city. The price difference between states and cities can also be bearable.

Honda Dream Neo Specifications: type- Air Cooled, 4 stroke & SI Engine; Displacement – 109cc; Bore x Bore – 50.0 mm X 55.6 mm; Compression Ratio – 9.9:1; Net Power – 6.5 KW@ 7500rpm, Torque – 8.63Nm @ 5500rpm; Fuel System – Carburetor; starting system – self/kick; Air Filter – Viscous Air Filter; Transmission – 4 speed constant mesh; Gear Shift pattern – All Back; Clutch Type – Multiple, Wet Clutch.

Honda Dream Neo Features: This new Honda Dream Neo has some unique features. These features are: 1) it gives superb mileage of 74 kilometers per liter. 2) It has its special Honda Eco technology. 3) Elegant Alloy Wheels. 4) It has a very long seat. 5) Sleek Silencer. 6) Smart Instrumental Panel.7) 110cc advanced Honda engine. Honda Dream Neo is also available in 6 different colors.

Honda Dream Neo Review: Honda Dream Neo has got good remarks from the users. They all are very much satisfied by using this bike. They say that it can save fuel as well as time for their work.

After this description regarding the features, specifications, reviews and prices, it is obvious that Honda Dream Neo is very much user friendly and ready to run in the roads of India. There is nothing to think so much. If you need a bike in affordable price, more comfort with fuel saving per liter, then book a Honda Dream Neo. Online booking option is also available in the websites of these companies.

Honda Dream Neo
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