Honda Shine

How many out of you are looking to buy a bike to bring new happiness in your life? A bike could be your best investment of life, or worst, depending on how smart you are while choosing bike for you. Since new bikes’ launch in market has become a common thing to happen, so finding a new bike that is meant for you, is kinda tough task. If you are fed up of searching one for you, then this article is nothing less than boon for you. It’s about Honda Shine price in India. For those who have done immense research about the best bikes in India, name of Honda Shine is nothing new.

Honda Shine Features

Before I write about Honda Shine price in India, it’s better to make you aware from the Honda shine features so that you can decide if this bike is perfect for you or not. The best of all features of this bike is its engine that makes it super amazing on road. It has 4-stroke, Air cooled, SI 124.7cc engine that offers maximum power of 10.3 PS @ 7500rpm and maximum torque of 10.54Nm @ 5500rpm. This superb engine makes it stand among the best bikes available in India. The outer look is impressive and is meant to add more stars in your personality.

Honda Shine price in India is quite affordable. Not only the price, but running bike on road is also very affordable, as it offers 72 kmpl mileage. This is one interesting feature in this bike, as buying a bike is only one-time investment, while running it on bike needs daily investment on fuel. Honda Shine is affordable in both categories. The fuel tank in the bike has 10.5 liters capacity.

Honda Shine bike has got everything that one needs desires to have in one’s dream bike. If you are impressed from what this bike delivers, then you must keep reading ahead to know Honda Shine Price in India.

Like I said, the price is quite affordable. What you get in this price is just amazing. If for some reasons, you can’t afford it, then also you don’t need to worry, as there are finance options that you can opt for.

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream of owning a superb bike true by investing your hard-earned money on Honda Shine. Believe me , you won’t have to regret at all. In fact, you will surely admire your decision of buying Honda Shine.

The Honda Shine Price in India starts from Rs. 48,000. This is ex-showroom price and varies till the 53,000 range. The said price is what is applicable in Delhi. In other states, the price is different. Better info about the price can be obtained by approaching your nearest showroom.

Honda Shine
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