Hyundai Eon CNG

Most of the individuals are interested in opting for the brand new spacious car Hyundai eon cng model car. The car is amazing with wider built and comfortable seating. This car is futuristic with shape along with nice style and headlamps.

Hyundai Eon CNG Model Features

Interiors: The individuals are pleased with the seating and comfort of the Hyundai eon cng model. Most of the individuals are attracted with the power steering of the car. Individuals are impressed with the fresh and distinct look of the car. The air-conditioner system is manual and dual tone shades are the features of this model.

Exteriros:Individuals are amazed with sporty appearance and impeccable look. It is a 5 seater model with dashboard storage and front power windows. These include Arm rest, Radio, heater, Ac, power and tilt steering as well. The Hyundai eon cng model also has the safety central locking features. Individuals are blessed with the amazing exterior and new accessories. The Hyundai eon cng model is available in small budget as well.

The Hyundai eon cng model is available in both petrol and LPG models. Individuals are keen in offering 3 cylinders with 816cc engine power. The engine holds about 5500rmp at 55.2bhp. The specification is minor with dual 4000rpm at 76Nm with minor differences in petrol variant. Individuals could identify that 5 models are of petrol and 3 models are of LPG. Individuals can travel 100kmph within 19 seconds. Individuals are pleased with the fuel efficiency of 17kmpl in the traffic and 21.1kmpl on highways.

Hyundai Eon CNG Model Cost

Most of the individuals are attracted by the model and cost. The model is economic for all classes in the Indian market. The cost ranges from 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs in India. This is considered as comfortable and economic car in India.

Hyundai Eon CNG
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