Hyundai i30

After getting the huge success of Hyundai i10 & Hyundai i20, India’s second largest auto manufacturer is again ready to play its trump card with a new hatchback Hyundai i30. Hyundai i30 is somehow more classic, more premium and more performing than its predecessor and available in both versions petrol as well as diesel. Hyundai i30 is the latest C-segment car by the company which is designed by European team of Hyundai in Germany. So, if you are looking for a new look with a new name and some extra performance then I would suggest you to make your choice now. Here we’ve bring you information regarding the latest launch of Hyundai Motors, Hyundai i30 in India. So, check out the list of some more stunning features which you get with this Hyundai hatchback:

Hyundai i30 Features

After acquiring a big share of Indian market by Hyundai i10 and i20, company is expecting the same from their new launch Hyundai i30. Hyundai i30 comes in both diesel and petrol variants and you get both automatic and manual transmission option with this model. The engines capacity includes 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre engines same as the new Verna. The 1.6-litre engine performs very well and both engines are refined. Both engines churn out the displacement of 1396cc and offer you better mileage despite the Indian road conditions. Both engine produce the maximum power of 103PS at 5500rpm and you get a 4-cylider, In-line DOHC engine with a very powerful torque.


The latest machine of Hyundai is somehow more classic then predecessors, though you will find most of the features are as similar as in Hyundai i20, but still this car has the ability to make your heart fall in just one glance. The new hatchback look sleeker, with some more classic curves and slashes, looks more dynamic. This is longer and wider than i20 and with an overall length of 4300mm, height of 1470mm & width of 1780mm this car offers you a premium ride.


Hyundai i30 looks more stunning from inside, with spacious boot space and plush interiors, this hatchback make your journey more comfortable and restful. Hyundai i30 is blessed with many advance features and controls, and with decent ride you also get high class safety features because Hyundai always concern about the passengers safety first. With digital speedometer and sleek dashboard, you get numerable features which make Hyundai i30 mileage worth a price.

Hyundai i30 Price

The price of car has not been unveiled.

So, overall Hyundai i30 is a fully loaded hatchback car from second largest manufacturer of India, and it’s the best option for you and family. Company is seeking for a good response from the market and as per the reviews and searches; we can say that it’s one of the most awaited car now. We hope that you find this content useful for you if you have any queries then feel free to write.

Hyundai i30
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