Mahindra Kine

If you are a short distance commuter with not much to carry then Mahindra Kine will be the perfect choice for you. If you want your college going child have one two wheeler then nothing better than gifting them Mahindra Kine. The Mahindra Kine price of India has also been kept reasonable so that you don’t have to spend fortune to surprise your child with a two wheeler. If the name Kine reminds you of Kinetic motors then it’s not your fault as it has been launched after acquiring Kinetic motors.

Mahindra Kine Designing and interior

It’s a two stroke vehicle and it comes with 72 cc engine displacement. It is 1 cylinder vehicle and the maximum power that it can provide is 3.80 PS and maximum torque of 5 Nm. It comes with automatic gear so you don’t need to be worried about putting on the right gear. It runs on Petrol and small built makes it really cute looking two wheeler and the Mahindra Kine price of India is stated for people who are looking for vehicle within a price limit. The ignition type is digital with dual curve and centrifugal clutch type with under bone chasis type.

Mahindra Kine Specifications

Mahindra Kine comes with hydraulic rear suspensions and telescopic rears front suspension providing smooth ride. In the front brake and rear brake both have the drum types giving it a good grip while coming to a halt. Bulb is used to enlighten headlight, tail light and even the indicators are being lighted by the bulb. It comes with electric start which is a great feature to include considering the Mahindra Kine price of India. The fuel gauge is present indicating you about how much fuel you are left with and then it also comes with low fuel indicator which will alert you when to fill up the fuel tank. It comes with a ground clearance of 120mm which is good enough for this small ride.

Weight and mileage

It is very light in weight as compared to the two wheelers that are present in the market weighing only 82 kg thus it is also considered as two wheeler for women rider or for college goers. If you are riding to and fro college and a visit to your friends place then this will serve them good. The fuel tank capacity is 4 liters so from this you can gauge why Mahindra Kine price of India is ranged around INR 34,000. Mahindra Kine comes with a maximum speed of 60 kmph which surely indicates that this two wheeler is not for those who are looking for long distance journey or some sturdy two wheelers. Instead with mileage of around 55 kmpl which has been reported by user this is great ride for short distance though the manufacturer claims that it provides up to 63 kmpl.

Mahindra Kine
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