Nissan has also proved it technology, design, and innovation through several of its model. This versa Note has innovation that goes along the way as it is passionate car to drive, look, and be pried upon. It is made as passion and to connect the world around you. Introducing all with its new model of 2014 Nissan gives you a chance to ride a master piece from their already proven amazing team. It is not just a car which fits your daily life, it takes you to the next level.

With new look and everything you need is right there. Features, specification and the images this car has built is worth to mention in all aspects. Nissan Versa note have all amazing features, but the main to be notified about it is, space. It have lots of space. Imagine you are four and with a lots and lots of stuffs, no need to worry with this model. It have a largest cargo, in this range and that too without minding your comfort even a little.

With 40 MPG you can go for a high way, breeze the past and pump the future. Its rolling tires uses less energy and less fuel. It have an aero dynamic design to enhance the balanced speed and make your travel experience more comfortable and helps environment too.

It have aerodynamically efficient eye catchy design. Grilled shutters that auto closes at high speed to reduce drag. Even its tail light is designed in a way which aid in reducing wind turbulence.

Surprisingly very spacious and best interior accommodating this car have best of both world. Its smart interior designing reduces the interface of cabin and give an ample space to roll upon. Claims to enjoy with four persons and still would have space more than enough to keep all your travelling stuffs.

This car is have leather wrapped steering, chrome accents and double stitched upholstery. This all give a touch of class. This car is provided with heated front seats so that your each trip must be cosy as it is cool.

With 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder engine it gives you a 5-speedtransmission. It have 15″ x 5.5” wheels with wheel covers.

Dual power mirrors, AC, Fine electroluminescent gauges, Cup holders in centre, Sun visors with extension, 60/40 Splitrear seats to folddown, D audio system with auxiliary audio, VDC with Traction Control System (TCS), Advanced Air Bag System, 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking, Bluetooth Hands-free, remote keyless entry, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, Silver accents on shift knob and the list is endless with its amazing and exceptional features.

Nissan Versa Note comes in several colours to be chosen from and accordingly manages its interior. It also give a unique option to even choose your preferred fabrics for the interior of the car.

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