The New Generation Car: XUV500

Mahindra XUV500 is considered to be pioneer. Its Body is designed in such a way that it will cut the air when it will take speed. Because of its structure this car is been compared with cheetah. Its front grill have cheetah like jaw which is going to eat everything that comes in its way. Headlights used are LED that too with halogen bulbs. It has a unique feature of ‘static bending’ which gives us better visibility. Doorhandles are in such a way that you can open the door with your two fingers. That is very attractive to eyes. The alloy wheels used are also very eye-catching.

As the car is a sports utility vehicle it has two exhausts in the back. Tail lamps of high quality are used. Fog lamps are fitted in the front to ensure safety during heavy fog. Roof rails specify the sporty appearance of this SUV. The cluster used is twin and it gives it a full sporty also have features like alerts on over speeding, open doors, low oil etc. It contains lounge lighting which can turn the inner environment into much more comfortable. Interior is dual tone giving a very furnished view.

XUV500 is very convenient and is made keeping the view of today’s generation. The system takes voice commands and operated USB, radio automatically. It can be two seater as well as four and seven. You can fold the other seats as desired and can enjoy the space. In the middle of car, a cool box like refrigerator is placed which is very useful in summers to keep your drinks cool. The glove box is very useful; it can hold your laptop and turn on and off lights on its opening and closing. The entry to this world class car is totally keyless.

XUV500 is a miracle in terms if technology. It contains 6 inches long touch screencoloured entertainment system. It contains GPS system which gives you access to all nearby movie theatres and ATM’s. Parking cheetah is very easy, as you will get audio visual alerts when in danger. DIS gives driver information about every issue in the car. Automatic rain wipers are used that can sense rain and start itself.

This car contains 6 airbags which ensures the safety of the passengers at the time of accident. Its ESP system will take over when rash driving takes place it will control the speed and your safety. Disc brakes are installed in all the four wheels of the car it helps in stability when you are stopping the car.

Air condition is totally automatic which will adjust itself looking the atmospheric conditions of outside. All the seven seats are 8 way adjustable ensuring full comfort of the passenger. The steering wheel comes with tilt technology that means you can adjust steering according to your comfort.

The engine used is mhawk 140 2.2 litre engine. Dual mass flywheel is installed to decrease the engine noise. All these above mentioned features and specifications makes XUV500 a world-class car that ensures your safety, speed, convenience and gives you a great mileage.

The New Generation Car: XUV500
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