Toyota Unveiled its First Car of 2014

Toyota has launched a new car Future Toyota-1 (FT-1). They said this concept car ensign of its coming product designs. The firm revealed that it is moving away from making “less risky” to “connect more deeply” vehicles for its consumers.

This japan manufacturing company is of the major global car making firm that has recently unveiled its first car of 2014 at auto show in Detroit. This concept car gives a visible form to the element this firm will reveal in near future. This car is striking as a first of 2014 at Detroit motor show. Toyota is normally known for its fuel efficient and environment friendly cars but this model is a muscle in its corporate world of car business.

This is one of the big surprise of the year to be mentioned about. This concept car is having a 5-alarm visual impact with this model. This concept car is the one which can make you to have an inappropriate thought. Its heart of design is “Function Sculpting”. It is by sure a sport car. Driver will feel as he is sitting directly over the rear wheel. Obviously many are saying that Toyota got its inspiration from the famous formula one cars but whatever is the case, this is the first car of 2014 with amazing and stunning wow.

Deliberate concept: Toyota is an old car making firm which recently showed a down fall in its sale and was lagging behind some of its counterparts. But with this concept car, it is indicated that this is new deliberate approach to connect itself more deeply with the consumers. This is a clear attempt to attract more and new customers. By this, it may generate a new revenue strategy and set a sight on becoming world’s biggest car manufacturing firm.

Toyota has not revealed its all specification but it looks that this is a muscle build concept sport car. Toyota says that this car is not made by its whole team, rather they had built this car with by a small team. At least engine would be of 1.1 litres and may be fairly powerful. By this car they are definitely driving themselves in the right directions. They explained that they wanted to look like wind and where eager to go like fly higher. This car really needs attention from all and would be ready to run on roads. People are very curious to drive and take test run with this sport car.

Toyota has really surprised all of its counterparts with this concept car. There is still far to go, that it is still where the customer will go to pay and where they get the most benefits from the same. This company said that, its models are made for the concept towards producing cars which are directly made for the customer and make them in direct connection with the firm’s technology and concept for the future.

Mainly Toyota is getting competition from whole big giants that is Volkswagen and ford. General motors is also giving level completion too. Where Volkswagen had made a goal to become world largest manufacturer very soon in coming years, ford is luring its customer through its fuel efficient cars. With such a stiff completion Toyota was supposed to do something which can again make this firm far ahead of counterparts and this concept car is set to be revealed in the market with the same purpose. The firm already had a great share of market and with some modification in technology and connecting with audiences, will definitely make this firm far ahead. Its new models will by sure attract many new customers and will aid in increased product sale.

Toyota Unveiled its First Car of 2014
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